Foreign Aid Prevents African Growth
During the 1970’s America and other countries began giving large amounts to Foreign Aid for Africa. It is now 2017 and most countries are still giving to Foreign Aid. Each country gives to multiple charities to cover their tracks, and those donations to charities are quickly absorbed into the Foreign Aid umbrella. This then became a global organization without any consideration for the countries given consistent aid.

For over twenty-five years there has been a running commercial in the United States asking citizens to sponsor a child for a certain amount of money. The commercials were particularly horrible. They filmed children with flies all over their faces, watching them gather dirty water to drink. United States citizens were reminded that these children also had no sewage system. A number or US citizens felt angry that these four minute commercials were being forced upon them every other television break.

When analyzing the United States, it has a tremendous amount of abandoned children and homeless communities that desperately need help.  Now they are asking for desks for an African child. It is difficult to say, but how much are citizens from another country supposed to aid Africa with billions of dollarswhen they have so many problems of their own.

OpAfrica is not about helping Africans get more clothes, more shoes, more education et. al. It’s about figuring out where all of the billions of dollars donated each year really go. In the United States the debt is in the many trillions of dollars. There has been a serious problem with social security for years. It was announced at one point that it may have to be used to bring down the debt in the United States. Infact, Ronald Raagan was the first president to approve monies to be withdrawn from social security. Since this is a known fact, the mystery must be solved regarding how the government can give hundreds of billions of dollars to Foreign Aid while the United States is trillions in debt.

The African people have suffered terribly at the hands of Foreign aid. They would rather wait for free rice than support a local rice farmer. It’s curious that hardly any organizations are focused on teaching skills like farming or building a sewage system. There are so many things that can be done besides encourage laziness by providing everything for free. There are people in parts of Africa who have started businesses out of their dilapidated homes but can never move up in the business community. This is due to lack of ownership of the land which the African governments make impossible to buy. OpAfrica is about taking the chains off of these people yet again and leaving them alone with very little assistance teaching them to thrive..

Article wrote by a fellow Anon and a good friend, Sakura.


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