Enlightenment… Collective worldwide day


A new world is here if you want it. Come together on October 22, 2017 and use your inner power to plant the seeds of a new world.

Another world is possible. You are invited to join your fellow brothers and sisters to come together to use our conscience our hearts on October 22, 2017 to create the largest magnification in the frequency love that this world has ever known.

silently use your mind to project feelings of love and peace. To envision a new world. Not thoughts of violent struggles to get there but of actually being there. Feel no fear feel the love. Do this we use the laws of physics to set our course right.

For you are all creators.

This removes the fear for the general public which has kept them from expressing their desires for a new world. This removes that fear and allows the masses to join in once again. So even if you are one who doesn’t believe in the power of the mind you can see how this tactic is still useful for you to use or attend.

Put forth the love in action. Do something nice, helpful, talk with those around you find solutions to our problems where we are the solution not some corrupt system.

Peace, Love, Namaste, Another World is Possible.

We are Anonymous. We are legion. Expect us.

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