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Anonymous – The Truth About Cyber Warfare

Anonymous - The Truth About Cyber Warfare - Connect with Anonymous - Subscribe ● We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. -...


Peace People! Check out these Banging Beats Produced by ALIENSHADZ aka (ASTARR13) birthday beats 4 instrumental Ep Check him out here: twitter - @ALIENSHADZ instagram @ASTARRFITNESS13...

Anonymous This Is How Internet Could Look In 2018

As Donald Trump just left the Paris Accord, major updates to internet legislation could come to the UK, changes to privacy and data recording....

Comedy & Satire Anonymous and Anonymous related videos

Vote for Policies

If you don't know who to vote for, vote for policies. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email...

Hate & Anger

Pie wants answers to some difficult questions.

The Pie Manifesto

Pie looks at the policies behind the (lack of) personalities. (Apologies for the shit sound) To use this video in a commercial player or in...

The Pie Manifesto

Pie looks at the policies behind the (lack of) personalities.

Hey Kids: Voting’s Fun!

This reporter's unique way of getting "the kids" politically engaged is swearing at them. “To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts,...

The Trump Regime

Pie's attention turns to Washington. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected]

Strong & Unstable

This reporter is strong but unstable.

This Dull Election

Is this the most boring election ever?

Election Rubbish

Elections are a good thing!

Populist Politics

Lessons from the French Election


A snap election ruins Pie's day.

Trigger Happy Trump

Another week of White House Madness

Sexism Pie

Pie offends a woman.

Marching into Brexit.

Pie goes off message with a rant at the anti-Brexit movement.

Osborne’s Standard

The return of George Osborne has gotten on Pie's tits.

Charity Pie. Episode 3

Pie ponders the state of a nation that relies on handouts to solve it's problems.

Charity Pie 2

Pie reports form a charity that helps the homeless find work.

Jonathan Pie: LIVE! Trailer

Buy your download now at

Charity Pie

The first of three special reports for Comic Relief.

50 Days of Trump.

Some highlights from Trump's presidency.

The Fear of Language.

Pie berates the policing of language and the sensitivity of Uni campuses.

The Corbyn Lie

Labour's problems lie with the old leadership, not the new one!

A Socialist Agenda

Pie proves that his producer Tim is a Socialist.

The Dangled Carrot of Democracy

Pie is dismayed at everything about Brexit!

Protest Pie.

Pie loves a good protest but a recent protest at Berkeley Uni has got on his tits.

Pie Hunt

Pie defends the NHS whilst the Tories sell it off.

Mobile Pie video ad

Here’s a little video ad I did for Follow Make the Air Fair on: Twitter - Facebook -

The Inauguration of Trump: Pie Reacts.

Pie gets angry at Trump's treatment of the media. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected]

EXCLUSIVE: Pie Reads The Daily Mail!

The Papers can be bastards, but stricter Press Regulation? Be careful what you wish for. To use this video in a commercial player or in...

New Year: New Pie?

Pie vows to stop swearing and start listening.

Pie’s end of year rant. 2016

Pie's annual Christmas Party drunken round up of 2016.

Happy Christmas

Homelessness is a sign that society is broken. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected]

Bored of Brexit?

Pie rails against what he perceives to be a lack of respect for democracy.

Trump, Farage & Wonder Woman.

Trump is man of the year, May is arms dealer of the year and Farage is twat of the year.

All The News is Fake!

Pie finds nothing new in the idea of fake news.

The News: We’re in The Twilight Zone.

Pie is shocked at the news. All the News.

Thatcher : The Return!

Jonathan Pie is back on message. This week he lays into Theresa May's policies. And her hair and sleeping arrangements. To use this video in...

President Trump: How & Why…

Pie thinks he knows who is to blame for the rise of Trump...and you're not going to like it! To use this video in a...

The US Election: An Idiots Guide.

Pie gives his producer the lowdown on the similarities and differences between Trump and Clinton.  

Brexit means Brexit!

Brexit means Brexit! Why? Because democracy means democracy.

Theresa May Fucks the NHS!

Pie gets angry at the fate of the NHS... and insults the Prime Minister!

The Labour Panto!

Corbyn & Trump: Two very different sides to the same coin! To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected]

Pie Interviews a Young Conservative

Pie attempts polite conversation with a Tory teenager.

Pie commits a hate crime

Freedom of speech is for everyone: including sexists and Trump!

Unelectable Corbyn Elected Again!

Reporter Jonathan Pie lays into the media's treatment of Jeremy Corbyn. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected]

More Bake Off Bollocks!

Pie laments the demise of the BBC...and nearly pukes on too much cake

Pie’s sex scandal

Politicians having sex is never a good idea!

Pie does God!

Religion and politics: 2 similarly emotive subjects given the Pie treatment.  

Train Pie

Corbyn v Branson: A rare insight into Jonathan Pie's off air persona.  

Progressive Pie

Theresa May is not a progressive politician just because she's a woman.

Cutting Mental Health Care? Mental!

Pie gets annoyed at the media's obsession with terrorism whilst ignoring other massive issues...including the nation's mental health!

Occupy Pie

Jonathan Pie gets moved on by security and it's all Tim's fault.  

The Pie Olympics.

Thatcher is back! Reagan is Back. History is repeating.  

Labour: The clue’s in the fucking title!

Pie's easy to follow guide to where Labour is on the political scale.  

“Everything that’s wrong with the world”

On the day Cameron left Downing Street, JP was outside M&M world!

This isn’t Game of Thrones!

Pie despairs at the media's obsession with comparing politics with TV programmes.

What’s that coming over the Hill? THE TORIES!

Reporter Pie is dismayed at the Remain's reaction to Brexit!  

Post Vote Shame

"Westminster is covered in blood and's time to clean up" according to Jonathan Pie. To use this video in a commercial player or in...

Jonathan Pie Referendum Special HD

Jonathan Pie is finally behind the "Newsdesk". Things don't go to plan and he delivers a rant of epic proportions about the upcoming EU...

Who actually needs a machine gun?

Jonathan Pie reflects on gun violence and Gay rights in the aftermath of the horrific Orlando killings.

Jonathan Pie Referendum Special…Coming Soon!

Trailer for Jonathan Pie: Referendum Special.

The Business News: “It’s all bollocks”

Reporter Jonathan Pie describes big business as if he's narrating a nature documentary...and he swears a bit too.  

Tony Blair is a psychopath!

Reporter lays into former Tony Blair for being "a sociopath", "a psychopath" and a "comedy genius".

A slice of GAY PIE

Reporter gets his divorce papers through and discusses gay marriage.  

The Queen’s Speech

Reporter Jonathan Pie pulls apart this years Queens Speech policy by policy...

Pie has Election ANGER!

Pie gets angry about coverage of the recent elections and looks back at 12 months of Tory majority rule.  

Trump Pie!

British News reporter, Jonathan Pie can't stop throwing insults at Donald Trump between takes.  

Election Fever!

Jonathan Pie has not got Election Fever! See Jonathan Pie: LIVE! Go to for details  

Pie goes environMENTAL!

Pie gets angry about bees and they get angry at him!  

Answer the f**king question!

Reporter Jonathan Pie thinks politicians should just answer the fucking question.  

Teaching is hard!

Pie attempts to explain the government's education a 6 year old!

Shi**y & cynical journalism!

JP is dismayed at the media coverage of the Brussels attacks.

Budget? Boll**ks

Jonathan Pie has a go at George Osborne's budget and gets teary eyed about Byker Grove  

I hate football! (Sport Relief)

News reporter Jonathan Pie gets involved with Sport Relief... Football isn't his sport it's safe to say!

Doctors, nurses & prostitutes!

Pie's on his high horse about the NHS, Jeremy Corbyn and prostitutes...whilst perving at some nurses. All in a day's work!

I’m not cleaning for the f**king Queen!

News reporter Jonathan Pie gets annoyed at the so called "Clean for The Queen" campaign.  

Brexit? Don’t fucking ask me!

Pie for once doesn't appear to have an opinion...well he does of course...all politicians are dicks...and Belgian waffles are nice!  

Reporter gets ANGRY at JEREMY HUNT!

Pie loses it over Jeremy Hunt lying about Junior Doctors and begs Cameron to stop the privatisation of the NHS.  

I f**king hate Valentine’s Day!

Pie discusses his failed marriage, gay marriage and American Republican's being extraordinarily homophobic!

Teachers & Doctors: Overworked & Underpaid

Pie has a go at The Education Secretary (Nicky Morgan), The Health Secretary (Jeremy Hunt) and The Prime Minister (Pig F**ker)  

David Cameron: VILE MAN!

Jonathan Pie: Reporter has a go at David Cameron and most of his cabinet. He also gets into trouble with his producer Tim!  

TTIP is boring shit!

Pie describes to Tim what the very boring yet very sinister TTIP is!  

“Sexy Journalism” is “Shit”

Pie gets angry at shit journalism whilst doing some very shit journalism  

Australia is horrific

Pie discusses horrific immigration policies from both sides of the planet. He also discusses Australian wildlife, flooding and piss lovers!

Pie’s New Year RANT!

Pie is shitfaced and sums up the year's news in under 3 minutes just to ruin Tim's holiday!

Merry Fucking Christmas!

Jonathan Pie is working on Christmas Day and he is very pissed off

MP is a “Wanker Santa” so says Jonathan Pie!

Jonathan Pie loses it on an escalator whilst berating the annual hikes in rail fares.  

Trump & Tyson: Just 2 f**cking dicks!

Trump and Tyson are just a couple of f**king dicks. You don't need to sign a petition about says Jonathan Pie: Reporter!

Jonathan Pie: Terrorist Sympathiser!

Jonathan Pie is, according to David Cameron, a terrorist sympathiser. He also has a cold and is high on codeine

The BBC needs to grow some f**king balls: Jonathan Pie

Jonathan Pie wants the BBC to grow some fucking balls and Rupert Murdoch to get arrested. He also wants to be "back in the...

Jonathan Pie is not in Paris ….thank fuck!

Jonathan Pie is not in Paris and he's very happy about it...but maybe he's lost his mojo...

Jonathan Pie: Reporter looks like a right dick!

Jonathan Pie is extremely annoyed at having to do a piece to camera whilst mingling with the general public!

Jonathan Pie: Reporter f**cks the police….and Theresa May

Jonathan Pie is outside Scotland Yard and has a thing or two to say about reforms to the police force...and a thing or two...

Jonathan Pie: reporter is having a bad day!

Jonathan Pie is attempting to do a fairly straightforward piece to camera, but life is never that simple.

Jonathan Pie: Reporter! explaining the economy (Full & Uncensored)

UK reporter Jonathan Pie eloquently explains the his usual manner!  

Jonathan Pie: …there’s nothing wrong with Jeremy Hunt…

Jonathan Pie: Reporter is very nice about British Health minister Jeremy Hunt and his reforms to the NHS...but not really!

Jonathan Pie: Reporter gets angry about Matt Damon, David Cameron, Alan...

UK News reporter Jonathan Pie has a go at David Cameron, Alan Sugar, Nuclear Weapons, Matt Damon's treatment in the press, Jeremy Corbyn's treatment...

Jonathan Pie: Reporter rants about David Cameron the “pig f***er”

Jonathan Pie, British news journalist ,calls Prime Minister David Cameron a "Pig F****r" during a recording of a news report

Jonathan Pie: Losing it over Jeremy Corbyn

British newscaster Jonathan Pie loses it over the state of British Journalism between live reports. (Audio from camera mic)

Jonathan Pie : Reporter. On Pete Doherty, The Queen, Sarah Beeny...

Well known news reporter Jonathan Pie in some off guard moments between recording links and live news reports.