There are a number of different Anonymous chat rooms, some of these chat rooms do nothing and are not productive (basically filled by people who want to look cool and create drama), whilst other chat rooms have a purpose.

At the moment, we’re using discordapp for chat rooms as there are already other Anonymous chat servers who use this service. Its quick and easy, you do not even need to create an account to start chatting, asking questions, help, or even offering to help in one of our many worthwhile ops.

This is the chat server for gerneral chat and ops (operations)

This is the chat server used for training and learning.

The underlying purpose of any Anonymous chat room is for the assistance and coordination of Anonymous ops, in order to help our world become a better place.
If you have any questions, you’re welcome to join chat.  The chatrooms are moderated.  You may receive chat invites to other servers also within discord or IRC invites.  Please be aware that many of the invites in Discord chat are for “social” servers that exist only for chatting and not to help Anonymous in operations.  Many of the chat servers are also run by trolls.

If you are entering Anonymous chat for the first time,  please, do remember to stay anonymous.  Come on in, we’re a friendly bunch, yet, we can also be a huge uncaring monster.   Welcome to Anonymous!