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Anonymous Posts The Personal Information Of QAnon From Reddit

Another potential attack from the hacktivist group Anonymous against QAnon and his followers.


AnonsBako – Just couple hours ago, the hacktivist group named ” The Mafia Project ” posted on Twitter the personal information of a potential QAnon follower from Reddit. 


As seen above, ” The Mafia Project ” promises to expose the true identity of QAnon and his potential followers. It is unclear when the hacktivist group Anonymous will share the identity of QAnon. This move from ” The Mafia Project ”, a hacktivist group connected to Anonymous, comes after they promised couple days ago to share the real identity of QAnon under #OpQ.

The following private information of the potential QAnon follower can be read in the following link: https://bit.ly/2KGg85h . In it, it contains the street information, name and phone number of the potential QAnon follower from Reddit as ” The Mafia Project ” promised to get rid of QAnon and his followers.


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