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Anon Thoughts – What is Anonymous?


A question was asked in a chat room frequented by ‘Anons’.
What is Anonymous?


greya06/20/2016:  hm we are anonymous but then again not really

ShadowBlade06/20/2016:  anonymous is not a group

 BlackJohnSon06/20/2016:   In case that people follow the idea we are a group

NeoIcarusV06/20/2016:  anonymous is an idea of fighting for humanity and not for ourselves

HatlessDragon06/27/2016:  Anonymous is there for the unseen, the unheard, the oppressed. To shed light on those with no moral obligations and have them answer for their actions. Anonymous helps keep a place (the internet) as free as it can be.

Dutch [email protected]06/27/2016:  Who knows in relations , you joined anons ?

Papa Smurk – Anonymous Outlaw06/27/2016: Anonymous is a mentality, a process, a thought. It is a way of being, an existence. Anonymous is a way of thinking more than a physical presence of one or more. Anyone can be Anonymous at any time. It is timeless and without bounds but most of all…. Anonymous is what YOU/WE make it to be. Here is a quote to live by…… “Become indispensable by being extraordinary”

Dutch [email protected]06/27/2016:  I mean if something happens , like arrest etc. Cause outside non-thinkers believe anons are bad in the media etc. , if u get caught or something , i think it helpfull somewone knows your in what kind of trouble that that person , family or close friend takes action to help u out? I know we are all anons but , the outside media people not belive the treuth 🙂

☕️CatHawk☕️10/15/2016:  Anonymous in my opinion is to Stand up ! For your Awareness, for your self, your Individuality, your Special ( in a time where being with the Collective Is whats “Right” even when they are Wrong) Anonymous means to me To dare to Speak & let Your Own opinion Known, we all Matter , We all have Importance & each one is Special, Anonymous means: No one needs to hide behind the ” Collective society. ” that was Created to serve the Clean cut order for only the 1% Convenience , we all matter, if we shall not live on our terms as FREE Unique individuals then we shall die Free on our own terms !!! BUT (ANONYMOUS) will Give Them HELL …. before we do…… Surender our Earth, Our Existence , FREEDOMS & our FUTURE …. & if they wanna criminalize us for it so BE IT….

derp12/15/2016: its everyone they just dont know it yet

12/18/2016: its an idea, a like… hmm how does one explain it started out as an internet gathering of hackers and activists hense the name “hacktivists”

Thijs01/01/2017: If im right, there is no way to join. If you agree with the thought, you are an anon. Correct me if im not right here

BloodSmoothGhOsT01/05/2017 You’re correct @Thijs

The question, “What is Anonymous” was asked in an Anonymous internet chat server, a seperate text channel was made and responses collated over several months. 


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