Anonymous Operations: Awake The Masses
Anonymous Operations: Awake The Masses

Anonymous has become somewhat impotent. No longer are we known for devastating cyber-attacks, but for making threats with no follow-through. And so it is time for us to TAKE IT BACK! First of all, our training of Anons must be a major focus of resources and attention. We must make sure they are fluent in technology and what they need to know. We must also devote massive resources and attention to building up pockets in cities. Make art, have demonstration, have meet-ups. Of course, Anons should refrain from committing crimes (make sure you know the laws) offline, as feds can still pose as members of Anonymous and arrest you, where you have no veil of anonymity. In particular, the art is important because in puts in the minds of the masses the view of Anonymous as a cultural symbol, something we very much need to become again. Being confronted daily with Anonymous symbols and ideas will cement Anonymous into the minds of the masses, meaning more people interested in Anonymous and therefore a higher turnout the Million Mask March. This will also, more importantly, mean more people join Anonymous, with the added bonus of creating strong decentralized pockets, which Anonymous need to be strong. Furthermore, we must strive to embody dissent. We must become the symbol of the “99% vs 1%” type movements, the movements where it’s the people vs. corporations, the people vs. tyrannical governments. When people think of corruption, they must also think of the force that opposes corruption, Anonymous. We shall become a symbol for a culture, and the masses shall be awoken. Summary: If we once again become a cultural symbol, many more Anons will join. With more Anons, who will receive a training in technology and cybersecurity, Anonymous can become an unstoppable giant.

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